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7 musts for your trip to Bar Harbor, Maine

Bar Harbor is a coastal town in Maine wedged against a popular lobstering spot—Frenchman’s Bay. Rich with culture and historic buildings, this town also backs right up to Acadia National Park. It’s location, and bustling culinary and shopping scene make it an awesome place to visit. As a life-long visitor and new local from away, I wanted to share some ideas to make your visit to Bar Harbor extra unique and fun!

The Travelin Lobster: This place services lobster rolls on Brioche. Do I need to continue? Seriously though, whether you are on your way on or off Mount Desert Island you must stop here, play corn hole, and eat a lobster roll.

Mount Desert Ice Cream: Located in the heart of Bar Harbor’s village square, this place has flavors like blueberry basil and blueberry crumble made from New England berries. They also have classic chocolate and vanilla. There is something for everyone. Shout out to this shop for using all local ingredients. When you come to Maine, please support locally owned businesses. Big business is literally killing the economy of the State of Maine. Shop local!

Acadia SUP: Getting off the beaten path is everything if you visit Maine in the summer. Acadia SUP is a complete gem. You will have a personalized and truly unique experience if you go for a paddle with this crew. The storefront is located on Main Street in Bar Harbor, with paddle-board trips off the sand bar and to the quietside of the island (secret spots where no one else is going!). A bonus, they offer paddleboard yoga twice a week which is the best deal EVER! It is for all levels even total newbies.

Yoga in Your Park: Want to be in the park and find some cool spots where it’s not overrun with people? Join Yoga in Your Park for one of their daily classes inside Acadia National Park or message me to set up a private class!

Mount Desert Campground: This place is the best when it comes to camping on island. It has tent platforms that hang out over the Somes Sound. You can put your kayak or paddleboard in right from your tent site. Unreal. It also has a unique location with access to Bar Harbor, Acadia, and the quietside.

Bar Harbor Inn: This one is totally biased. My husband and I were married at the Bar Harbor Inn almost exactly 12 years ago. It is beautiful, classic, historic and literally right in the heart of town. You can walk anywhere from this gorgeous hotel.

Acadia National Park: This is my all time favorite National Park. There are so many places that go undiscovered in this park. The loop road is really cool and accessible, but I recommend finding a hike off the main path. There are also three secret spots that I won’t write in this blog, but you can email me if you want to know more.

I’ll end it with that. Eat, drink, paddle, and be merry my friends.

Whoopie Pies 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 .

8 Essential SUP Yoga Poses

Outdoor yoga is a favorite activity of mine! I love practicing outdoors and on the water.  SThis blog is a repost from Athleta’s Chi Blog.  It is a great overview of some basic poses you can try on the water.  Be well everyone and keep paddling!

Lindsay Lambert is a certified Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga Instructor and PaddleFit Core coach through Bliss Paddle Yoga™. Today on the blog she shares eight essential yoga poses to start building a foundation for SUP Paddleboard Yoga.

Be prepared to get wet. At the very least, your feet will touch the water as you launch the board from the beach or shore, so don’t be afraid. When getting onto the paddleboard, focus on the center of the board (where the handle is located). Take one knee onto the paddleboard, then the other knee onto the board so that you are on hands-and-knees or Table Pose. Take a moment to make sure that you’re centered on the board and patiently adjust accordingly.

The center of the board is the most stable place for your body to be so it’s important to make sure your body is centered on the board in each pose.

Honor your body, let go of judgment and comparison, and begin your practice with an open heart and patient mind.

#1 Table Pose

This posture is a key transitioning and foundational pose. On all fours, your wrist and shoulders are stacked with hands the shoulder-width apart. Fingers fanned out. Your knees and hips are stacked with your knees a hip-width apart. Elongate your neck and spine/belly space, with your gaze down between your hands. Your head, shoulders, and pelvis are in one line, parallel with the board. Keep a softening in between the shoulders and start to tighten up your belly space.

#2 Child’s Pose

From table pose, drop your pelvis back to your heels. Reach your hands towards the top of the board as you lower your forehead down to connect with the board. Those with knee issues, focus more on the reach of the hands towards the top of the board and keep the pelvis up higher instead of dropping it back to the heels.

Child’s pose is a pose of physical surrender and a good place to go when you need to check-in mentally.

Be free of distractions, fears, and anxiety. Instead focus on the present moment; your body on the board, floating safely on the peaceful water.

#3 Downward-Facing Dog Pose

From table pose, curl your toes under. Start to sit your pelvis back almost as if you’re preparing for child’s pose, then lift your knees off the board and raise the pelvis as high as you can towards the sky. Crown of the head points between the hands. Your gaze falls to the center of the board. Shoulder blades flush with the ribcage. If the hamstrings are tight, simply keep abandon the knees as you enter downward-facing dog pose.

#4 Plank Pose

From table pose, practice just stepping your right foot to the end of the board, into a modified plank. Replace the right knee back to table pose, then try stepping the left foot back to the end of the board. When you’re ready for a full plank from your foundation of table pose, step the feet back, keep the muscles around your navel and spine fired up. Nothing changes about the torso space from table to plank pose. Your navel is still directly center aligned. The gaze is still between the hands. This posture will challenge your core a bit more than table pose. Make sure the booty and thighs are fired up and the center of your body is working for you not against you.

Simply put, engage your core.

#5 Cobra Pose

From plank pose, slowly lower down onto your belly, hearts, and chin keeping the hands right next to the rib cage. Your navel should be center aligned. Set your gaze forward, start to elongate your neck space, and lift/open your heart forward where your gaze is set. Press your tailbone down as your heart shines forward. Your collarbone should be smiling forward, as well. For low cobra pose, you will use just the strength of your back to lift into the bend. For high cobra pose, the arms can assist the lift. Keep the elbows close to the side bodies and don’t lock or hyperextend your arms. For both variations of the pose, keep your shoulder blades flush to the rib cage.

#6 Forward-Fold Pose

From downward-facing dog with bent knees, begin to walk the feet as close to the handle as you can. Then walk your hands as close to the feet as you can. Your feet should be hip-width apart at the center of the board. Place your palms on the board at the outside of the feet. If you have tight hamstrings or lower back issues, modify the pose by bending your knees, just like in downward-facing dog. Point the crown of the head down at the board and the pelvis up high to the sky. Your gaze is at back through the legs. Try to connect to your rib cage with the top of the thighs. Again remember you can bend the knees to modify the pose. The wider your stance is on the board, the more stability you’ll have. Also consider taking your hands to the sides of the board and your gaze down at the center for more stability in your forward fold pose.

#7 Mountain Pose

From forward fold, set your gaze at the top of the board and place a bend in the knees. Slowly circle-sweep your arms out and over your head, move your gaze to the horizon that lies in front of you. Connect your palms over your head and either lower your hands to heart center or lower the arms to a 45 degree angle with the arms extended out, palms facing forward, and the fingers fanned out. Stack your masses (head, shoulder & pelvic girdle) by lengthening your spaces (your neck spine/belly). This will help you to engage the core of your neck and torso. Think of reaching through the crown of the head, as you ground/root through the soles of your feet. You can always choose a slight bend in your knees and take a wider stance for more stability. Keep your gaze to the horizon for more support or for more challenge close your eyes.

#8 Relaxation Pose

From a seated position, patiently turn around so you’re facing the back of the board. Take your time to gently, slowly roll back into a supine (on your spine) position with your legs out long and wide. Your head is now resting at the nose of the board. Stretch your arms out long, with the palms facing up towards the sky. Feel free to let your hands and feet relax over the sides of the board into the water. If you’re feeling hot, this is a great way to cool your body down. As you close your eyes, surrender all work and effort of the body. Let your body melt into the board, as the gentle movement of the water rocks you into a peaceful state of tranquility and serenity. For about 5 minutes, rest and reflect on all the goodness of your practice.

What if I fall?

Don’t stress about it! Everyone has the moment where a fall happens. Learning to pull yourself back onto the board is important and everyone should practice at some point. If falling is an overwhelming fear you have, don’t do any of the standing poses until you’re feeling more confident and stay in shallower water.

Empower You: Connecting to Your Soul Tribe

Happy Sunday beautiful friends,

I hope this cold snowy day finds you warm and cozy. I am currently in Asheville, NC which is a yoginis personal bliss pad. There are so many amazing studios and instructors around. I am currently soaking it up and practicing in a studio daily. As you all know, that it not my norm! FYI, I found a couple of sweet deals on classes here for January which have allowed me the budget for all this studio fun.

Many of you have contacted me about the course launch for Empower You. Get excited folks, because it all begins on May 1. I have 4 slots left in the course if you want to get in. The course includes a one-hour one-on-one session with me as well as 4 hours of new yoga classes, articles from the yoga community and 3 live group meditation and yoga sessions with me.

Here are a few more details on all the goods.

Soul Aligning Conversation, Individual Feedback, and Guided Workbook

• Community connection through live chats
• Coherent, impactful content
• Hand-crafted, beautiful, creative workbook
• Safe space to explore your emotions
• Make sense of messy messages, past pain, and what blocks your potential
• Lifetime access with the ability to download your workbook offline

Weekly Yoga and Meditation Classes

• Every class will have a defined purpose linked to the weekly theme
• Weekly yoga classes 30-45 minutes in length
• Weekly meditation practices
• Intelligent and meaningful sequencing
• Thoughtful and clear instructions
• Pose modification and advanced variation suggestions
• Lifetime access with the ability to download yoga classes offline

This is important! If you want to get into the course, but finances are an issue, I don’t want you to miss out. Send me an email, explaining what it will take to Empower You to reach your goals in 2019. I can not wait to connect with you more about this. As always, send me a message if you have any questions. I am happy to chat on the phone or meet up if we are close. All the love and hugs today.

I am ready to sign up!


Why I decided to be more vulnerable in 2019

I have struggled with lonliness for the better part of my life. I have always been connected to my family and have been blessed with great friendships through the years. So from the outside, it would seem odd that this is an issue for me. However, the feelings of connectedness and closeness come from our friends and family responding to our vulnerability.

All. The. Cold Sweat.

I pride myself on being strong and steady. I feel ashamed to have big emotions. Just like everyone else, I want to appear to have my shiz together. I avoid the V word to the point of isolation.

Statements like if they really knew me, they would judge me or not be my friend plague me regularly.

It has been a process for me to begin to be vulnerable with my closest people beyond my husband. Somehow I have been able to be open up to him which is in part why our marraige has been very fulfilling to me. Here is what I have learned so far. Vulnerability is so much easier when you love yourself.

Think about it. When you don’t love all of you and are afraid to show people the less than stellar parts, the space between you and vulnerability is like the Grand Canyon. You will need all the courage you can get to make the leap across.

But when you love yourself, and I mean all of you, you don’t worry so much if someone else doesn’t. And when you’re less afraid of rejection, you step right into that place of openness. Vulnerability takes practice. Just like any other skill

So this year, I will practice vulnerability. One day at a time.

Mapping 2019: how to set soul-aligned goals for genuine breakthrough

It seems like only yesterday you were basking under a hot summer sun after swimming at the beach. Or sitting on your back porch reading on a warm August night. Time slowed down. You felt so good.

Now, here you are. The temperature has dropped several degrees. Booties are covering your non-pedicured toes. You’ve got a warm cup of tea in your hand and your wearing your coziest bulky sweater. You’re feeling as hygge as you get.

Suddenly it hits you. It is now 2019. That sweater doesn’t feel as comfy anymore. Despite it being ten sizes too big, you feel everything around and within you tighten. That tea you were enjoying moments earlier is now cold. You quickly respond to this feeling by deciding that you need to make your 2019 plan. Stat.

Not only do I have what you need to make said plan, but I also have what you need to feel loose in that sweater and give the best gift of all this year: Your beautiful presence.

Read on for how to savor it all.

Before you start trying to figure out what you’ll have accomplished by this time next year, take a minute to slow down and breathe.


You wouldn’t want your mechanic putting your winter tires on while he’s feeling rushed, stressed, and doing 10 other things at once; you make an appointment knowing that he’ll be taking his time and focusing on nothing else but your car. One tire at a time. It’s intentional and efficient.

Be like your car mechanic. Start by making an appointment when you’ll be creating your initial 2019 plan. You’ll need to set aside some intentional time for this task. I usually break it up over the course of a few days allowing myself som oh yeah moments to remember things I’d like to integrate into the next season.

Show up.

Show up for yourself and finish this task. Set a reminder or put it in your phone to remind you to reflect and plan.

Have what you need: favorite pen, paper, good music, a pot of chai tea, and your calendar.

Take a minute to breathe before you start. Clear minded after sitting and breathing, pour that chai, and get to work. .

Take a step back before getting ahead.

You’re excited to put down on paper a long list of goals that make you feel good now but burnt out by mid-February. So we’re not going to do it as you normally would in 2019, ok?

Before you look ahead, root your feet firmly into the floor, sit up straight, and acknowledge where you are right now. You are not behind by any means. You’re where you are and that’s where you should be. 

Let’s take a look back.  Check out last week’s post before charging full speed ahead.  

Resist the urge to rush through this exercise. Review your answers. Let them sink in. Smile. Laugh. And if tears come, let them. Chances are they are simply a sea of gratitude. So many amazing things happen every day.  

Lean into the future.

With your heart full and your soul calm it’s time to lean into the future. To do this, imagine yourself one year from now or at the end of 2019. Ask yourself:

        1. What will you be most proud of having experienced, learned, contributed, accomplished, started, or stopped in 2019?




        1. What memorable moments will you have created?




        1. Who will be part of your soul tribe?




        1. What will you be celebrating about who you have become?




 Capture anything and everything that comes up. Make a list of all the ideas, goals, and projects that you want to focus on. Write yours. Then do this next step: choose your top three items. Max.

PC Jacki Carr