Breath Like this to Feel Better- Immediately

Here is a repost from  I love finding to pranayama exercises.  Enjoy!

Have you ever found yourself getting frustrated to the point where your emotions take over your logical mind? Right into victim role you go. Your mind starts to support your feelings allowing you to blame someone else, the situation or the condition.

Please tell me you know what I’m talking about? It’s almost like you could hit the replay button and away you go reacting over and over again.

Then something happens, a little voice says, “Stop! This is not helping in any way.”

This little voice or alarm, reminds you that you are not a victim. You have a simple practice that helps you reset in the moment.


In 30 seconds the breath and a postural change can improve your state so you can solve your problem from a place of love and compassion. A place of clarity.

HERE is my gift to you (30 second breath practice).

I promise you’ll feel noticeably better!

Breathwork is an active meditation technique that I’ve learned to help me reclaim the moment and make better choices. Breathwork has helped me feel focused, grounded and safe.

Brian MacKenzie and Rob Wilson are two of the most impressive leaders in the field of Breathwork, and they’re coming to Maine! If this is the first time you’ve heard about them, trust me when I say they are beyond incredible. These two are leading SEAL Team Six, big wave surfers, yogis, professional athletes and Olympians to be champions through effective breath skill sets.

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